How to re-string your guitar

I have many customers that bring their guitars in to be restrung and I would like to post a little blog on how to restring your guitar to pass on my knowledge.

There are plenty of tools to help you restring your guitar. I personally use the Planet Waves Pro Winder. It’s a 3 in 1 tool that is able to cut your strings, remove any bridge pins, wind your strings, and is well worth the reasonable price we sell it for. I would also recommend a neck rest (Planet Waves Headstand), which secures the neck of the guitar giving you both hands to work on the guitar.

First things to do is remove the old strings. I loosen the strings first so they cannot cause any injury or damage when cutting them, which is the next thing to do. After that, remove the strings from either end of the guitar. At this point in time you might want to clean the guitar where the strings normally cover. We use Kyser polish to do so, it always cleans up guitars very nicely.

Now take your lowest ‘E’ string and feed it through string hole normally located on or near the bridge of the guitar. Take the guitar string all way up to the correct tuning peg and pull it tight. Then put 3 fingers together and place them above the tuning peg, this is the amount of extra string you will want to keep (but do not cut any string at this point). Now bend the string when it is at the end of the 3 finger measure. Feed the string into the tuning peg with the bend sitting directly under the tuning peg’s hole. Now make bend the rest of the string above the tuning peg in the opposite direction to the first bend. This should now lock the string in place if you gently pull on it. Next take your peg winder and start winding the string making sure it wraps around nice and neatly and the right way, until it is near in tune. Then stop and move onto the next string.

Repeat the process until all 6 strings are in place.

It may take a while to become fast at replacing the strings however patience is key here. Here is a little video we’ve found to show you how.

If you would like any advice on choosing strings or would like us to restring your guitar for you, you’re welcome to bring your guitar along to enjoymuzic. We’re open every day at Royal Quays Shopping Centre, North Shields.

Keep Rockin’, Joe

Our guide to how to restring classical guitar is coming soon!

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